Unit4 Then and now教案及反思
Unit4 Then and now教案及反思
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Unit4 Then and now教案及反思

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Unit4 Then and now (The first period)
1.听说读单词then and now ,e-book, mobile phone, newspaper, radio, telephone, e-friend, anywhere, could,并能运用于语句中。
2.掌握动词过去式的发音及用法,会说…years ago,…could/ could not…Now,…
Step 1. Warming up
1.T: Review some worlds ? 
S: 看单词,快速说出它们的过去式?
T: Yes, time flies quickly. We are growing up, and the things around us are changing. We know, the world is changing. 
2. T: Look at the picture about me.

Step2. New learning
1. T: Perfect. I like your ideas. Now I’ll show you a family. Do you know them? Who is he/ she? ( Mike, Mr Brown, Mrs Brown, Mike’s grandpa)
2. Then, how about this boy? Yes, this is Mike six years/ Mr Brown twenty years ago/ Mrs Brown twenty years ago/ Mike’s grandpa thirty years ago. 
T: (总结)The time before, we can use this word: Then. ( what does it mean?)
T: Today, we are going to learn Unit 4, Then and now.
T: SO ,can you say sth. about Mike’s family? (对比说,is/are, was/were
T: They have changed a lot. And this lesson, we’ll know more about the changes of Mike’s family.
1. () This boy, he is Mike. Now, he is a young boy. And he can do many things now. Let’s guess, what can he do? 
(图)T: Could Mike do all these things six years ago? What could he do? (读couldI give you two fist letters here. Can you guess? What couldn’t he do? 
T: So, six years ago, Mike could read….. but he …(师生一起读文本)
T: Can you describe little Mike six years ago and young Mike now? 
总结:In fact, everyone is changing everyday( the changes of people),
What they look like is changing(appearance) , and what they can do is changing, too(ability). 
3. T: And we know, as we people are changing everyday, our life is changing, too. Now let’s listen to the tape, and try to catch: what they did then and what they do now. And remember to tick them quickly. After learning let’s check.
4. look at Mr Brown. This is Mr Brown twenty years ago. And This is Mr Brown now.
What did he do then and what does he do now? 
(1)Read the paragraph quickly, and try to find out the communicate tools.
(2)read the four words. T: They are needed when we want to contact others. So ,which one do you like? And Why?
(3) How about Mr Green? What did he use twenty years ago? match: wrote letters, used the telephone How about now? ( match: writes e-mails, uses the mobile phone)
T: Let’s imagine where he did or does these things. Where did he wrote letters/ use the telephone/ write e-mails/ uses the mobile phone?
(4) T: Let’s read this paragraph together. Now, try to describe Mr Brown.(学生复述)
(总结)T: Then and now, the way to contact people is changing . 
5. T: look at the pictures, do you remember her? —Mrs Brown Let’s see what changes have happened on her.
(1) T: What is she doing in the picture? 
(2) T: Are you right? Read it please. (解释e-friends) So maybe she is doing some shopping or chat with her e-friends on the Internet.
(3)And this is the picture of her twenty years ago. Then she was a schoolgirl. Where did she make friends? And where did she buy things?
(4) Read the text with your partners. 
(5) T: Let’s try to fill in the table , OK? 根据表格说一遍。
(总结:It tells us the way to ______ and the way to _______. And the ways are changing now.
6. (1)T: And besides these, the way to get news is changing now. 
How do you get news, boys and girls? ( I get news from_______. )
(2) T: How did Mike’s grandpa get news thirty years ago, and how about now?
T: First, let’s look at the two pictures. Watch carefully and try to find the difference. 
(3) Read the text together, and try to retell it.
7. Read the whole text together.
8.T: What do you think? You can discuss in groups first.
Ss: Their life is…(colourful, cool , modern, happy…) ,because…
1.T: This time, let’s work in 4. Each one chooses a part to read. Then use the phrases on the blackboard to make a report about your part.(分组练习朗读,然后四人一小组,上台借助板书进行反馈)

2. TV talk show.
Step4 Homework
1.Listen and read Story time.
2.Retell Story time on P38
3.Bring two photos and think of the changes between two photos on P40.


本课我紧紧围绕“Then and now”的主题,以此主题贯穿整个课堂,不论是在Presentation还是Consolidation环节,都紧密按照时空的“过去与现今”来处理教材。首先我创设情境,导入主题,让学生快速说出下列动词的过去式来热身,一是复习旧知,二是为本课课文学习中要用到的过去式作铺垫。再“See some pictures and say something about me ”老师用多媒体出示关于自己以前与现在的照片,从视觉方面着手,利用照片刺激学生的感官,让学生对于“过去和现在”有个总体印象,同时教授了本课的重点单词“couldn’t”。由此,学生很自然联想到本单元的主题内容,很自然地引出了本课主题。

在文本教学时,我通过多种形式帮助学生学习文本,并借助思维导图在黑板上列出关键词,直观地呈现文本内容,加深学生的印象,帮助学生更好地理解和复述文本,但是学生对于部分单词的读音掌握得还不是很好,如:radio,mobile phone.

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