Unit5 What do they do?(Story Time)教案
Unit5 What do they do?(Story Time)教案
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Unit5 What do they do?(Story Time)教案

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1.  能听得懂、会说、会读和会写单词teacherteachwriteworkdoctorhelpworker

2.  能听得懂、会说、会读和初步书写句型What do you do? What does he/she do? I’m/ He’s /She’s a …

3.  能正确理解并朗读Story time的内容

4.  教育学生职业不分高低贵贱,尊重每一种职业。


1.       能听得懂、会说、会读和会写单词teacherteachwriteworkdoctorhelpworker

2.       能听得懂、会说、会读和初步书写句型What do you do? What does he/she do? I’m/ He’s /She’s a …

3.       能正确理解并朗读Story time的内容


1.       能听得懂、会说、会读和初步书写句型What do you do? What does he/she do? I’m/ He’s /She’s a …

2.       能正确地朗读单词teacheswriteshelps, makes




1.       完成练习纸

2.       跟读课文,小组讨论


1、  Read the story fluently and try to retell. 流利地朗读课文,并尝试复述。

2、  Try to talk about your parents’ jobs with your friend.尝试跟你的朋友谈论各自父母的职业。

3、  完成书上P50 Think and write


Step 1Before-reading


T: Hello, boys and girls. I am very happy to be with you. Let’s chat with each other and have a good time.

Let’s go into our five minutes’ course. Today we will read Peter and his friends. Can you ask some questions?

Ss: What does Peter like doing? Who are Peter’s friends?

T: You are all good at reading. We know Peter and his friends.

2.T: Can you say something about yourself? You can talk about yourself from these aspects. Who wants to have a try?

Ss: I am…I am not tall. I have big eyes and long hair. I like cooking. I am not good at cooking. I can not cook well.

T: My job is a teacher. I am a teacher. What do you do?

  I teach English. I work at school. What does Miss Lu/Zhu do?

Ss: She is a…

Step2 While-reading

1 Just now we talk about ourselves.  But what are Su Hai and Mike are talking about?

Watch and find(根据图片信息,找答案)

Ss: They are talking about Mike’s father, Mike’s mother, Su Hai’s father, Su Hai’s mother’s jobs.

2.T:What do they do? What jobs are mentioned? Let’s listen and tick.

Ssa workera writera doctor…

3.Read and underline

T: What does Mike’s father do?

S:He is a…He teaches…He has…

T: How about Mike’s mother? Can you ask?

Ss: She is a writer….writes… likes writing stories.

4. T: These are Mike’s parents’ jobs. This is a mind map. But what do Su Hai’s parents do?

Let’s work in groups and make. Here are some tips for you.

T: Who likes sweets?Mike or Su Hai?

Ss: MIke.(找出文中关键句)

T: Is it good to eat a lot of sweets?

Ss: No.

T: So we can say to Mike”Mike, don’t eat too many sweets. It’s bad for your teeth. ”

5.Let’s read.

TPay attention to word links and stresses.

6.Try to read(四人一组,选择下面任何一种方式大声阅读!)

a.Read after the partner.(跟同桌读)

b.Read together.(齐读)

c.Read in roles.(分角色读)

Step3 After-reading about our parents’ jobs

A: What does your father do?

B: Hes a/an---.(职业)

  He---. (对职业的有关介绍)

A: What does your mother do? 

B: Shes a/an---.(职业)

  She---. (对职业的有关介绍)


What do you want to be in the future?你将来想成为什么?

I want to be ... 我想成为......

3. 情感教育

Without workers, without a beautiful city.

Without farmers, without food.

Without cleaners, without a clean city.

Different jobs make a colorful world.

Step4 Homework

1Read the story fluently and try to retell.  


2、Try to talk about your parents jobs with your friend.


3、完成书上P50 Think and write


Unit5 What do they do? Story time是个对话语篇,Su Hai和Mike两人在交流双方父母的职业,主要涉及词汇有teacher, doctor, writer, worker, 主要活动短语有teach English, help sick people, write stories, work at home, make sweets,主要句型有What does… do? He’s/She’s …这篇课文内容比较简单,但部分单词的读音较难,此外,动词三单式也增加了本文的难度。

这节课主要通过自主学习、合作学习、巩固课文、达标检测等方式来学习语篇。在导入环节,我摒弃了song之类的导入环节,而是直接以导入talk about yourself检测学生的已知,主要学习teach, teacher; write, writer; work, worker,降低之后课文学习的难度,但效果不是很理想。在试上时,只检测了职业名称,进行的很好,但是到课文中教授teach等动词,另外还有动词三单式,有些手忙脚乱,所以这次我选择在检测teacher时同时教授动词teach,但这时可能误导了学生,以至于他们之后给出的都是动词work,write等,但也说明部分学生对词汇有了一定掌握。在课文学习过程中,通过watch and find,listen and tick, ask and answer, read and make,等环节,对课文内容进行分析讲解,这一部分因为难度适中,示范到位,教师先引导学生制作思维导图,再放手让学生自主学习完成思维导图,学生表现的不错。之后通过朗读、复述、填空、介绍等环节对课文进行巩固。最后的达标检测我纠结了一番,是选择写作make a card, 介绍家人的职业,还是选择表演对话,最后还是决定用前者,有几点考虑,这节课主要是阅读课,最后还是回归语篇,而且在介绍职业的同时还把外貌、爱好等融合进去,力求知识的累加,将前两个单元内容融会贯通,表演对话可以放在第二课时,但这样一来,这节课,写的比重就比较高,还是可以斟酌一下。

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